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Pedasi Life Style

Posted by admin on September 9, 2020

The cost of living in Pedasi is significantly lower than in Panama City and other developed beach towns like Coronado.

There, prices can actually rival places like Canada and the U.S. Pedasi, on the other hand, has achieved a healthy local-to-foreigner balance that keeps prices low and selection moderately high. 

Pedasi is a consciously simple town. It appeals to those who long for an easy, beach-oriented lifestyle– without the chaos of more modern cities or the clutter of less evolved ones.

No, it’s not the cheapest town on Panama’s winding coastlines. Pedasi’s fast-developing tourism and real estate scene are to thank for the slight difference in prices from, say, Las Tablas– a densely populated interior town about 30 minutes east. But considering the quality of life in Pedasi VS those “cheaper” towns, few would find the price difference worth the sacrifice.

It’s probably not possible for a couple to live well for under $1400 in Panama City or Coronado- but they certainly could in Pedasi. For that, they could rent a nice home in town, eat out regularly, enjoy “calculator-free” food shopping, and enjoy the area’s fantastic outdoor activities. With proper budgeting, they could even indulge in monthly vacations, or pampering at the surrounding spas and resorts.

Simple homes, simple rent.

You can rent a 2-bedroom home in the town of Pedasi for under $1000 a month, with most running between $650-800 (as of April 2016.)

These tend to be simple homes that keep you comfortable and your expenses low. Not only are they economical– they offer a more sustainable and minimalist way of life. 

Concrete construction, straight-forward floorplans, a pretty little porch or garden backyard. Most come furnished and equipped with A/C.

Homes in the town of Pedasi are simple, charming, and affordable.

Speaking of A/C, utilities in Pedasi offer another potential way to save. Utility bills for most residents that we spoke to were under $100 per month for the simpler 2-bedroom homes, and around $150 for the larger, luxurious houses. The Pedasi lifestyle tends to lessen one’s energy consumption. Residents are out enjoying the area during the day, and the town is notably cooler at night, causing many to forgo A/C.

What about rent on the beach?

There are several Pedasi beaches within a 5-30 minute drive from the town of Pedasi. They’re relatively undeveloped, adding to the natural beauty but limiting the amount of available beach rentals. There are a handful of ritzy mansions scattered along the coast, but these are typically inhabited by the offbeat millionaires who built them and not available for rent.

Most long-term visitors or experimental residents rent in the town– particularly those concerned with their cost of living in Pedasi. Luckily, they’ll still be within easy driving, biking, or jogging distance of several beaches.

More options when you buy

If you’re considering purchasing Pedasi real estate, your options expand greatly.

New developments like Andromeda Estates, Costa Pedasi, and Blue Venao offer modern living on or near the beach. These developments are quite new (some still under construction) and haven’t yet hit the rental market. The good news is that the prices are still affordable for those who get in early. You can score a brand new, turn-key home a stone’s throw from the beach within the low 300k’s.

Developments like Andromeda Estates are modern, elegant, and put you right on the beach.

Eat out on the daily…

Eating out is a common social pasttime in Pedasi– a testament to not only the great food, but the affordability of Pedasi restaurants.

You can get a great breakfast at The Bakery, a neighborhood favorite, for $6— high-piled plates ranging from local favorites, Continental breakfast, or more exotic cuisines.

(They’re good but it’s a lot of food for me, so I typically opt for a pastry and coffee instead– about $4.)

$7-10 gets you a great lunch in town. My go-to obsessions include the hummus and falafel plate at Bienvenidush for $7, and the veggie burritos at La Piñata for $5.

Hummus and falafel plate at Bienvenidush for $7.

Fried fish, salad, and patacones (fried banana chips) on the beach for $5.

Entrees typically run $7-12 at most restaurants in Pedasi, or $12-16 at higher end restaurants. Hit up a more local place, like our local beach fonda, and you can score a traditional plate of fish, salad, and patacones for $5 (just keep an eye on the seagulls– they get courageous.)

I will say that alcohol in Pedasi restaurants tends to be higher than I expected…but there are enough happy hours and special promo nights to keep the thirst at bay.

Shopping in Pedasi

Low food prices and few extraneous items makes it easy to keep a low cost of living in Pedasi. The town supermarket, which is larger than you’d expect, is well-stocked and simple. You’ll find fresh produce, a meat counter, a dairy fridge, and rows upon rows of canned & bagged goods.

Produce, meat, and staples (think: rice, beans, breads) are the same cost or less than you’d find in Panama City or other interior towns.

Packaged foods, like snacks and candy, are slightly more– but probably not to the extent that you’d notice. For those attracted to Pedasi for it’s health-oriented lifestyle, limiting their processed food intake is not exactly a sacrifice.

The supermarket also has miscellaneous goods, like personal hygiene and beauty products, electronics, cleaning supplies, beach toys, sunglasses, etc. It’s hit-or-miss with these sort of items– some are so cheap I’ll stock up while there (hello, $3 sunglasses), others are probably cheaper in a place like Las Tablas where there are more stores to compete on price.

You have everything you need in Pedasi, but besides a few souvenir shops there’s not much superfluous shopping. Some residents will do a monthly or bi-weekly drive into Las Tablas to stock up on extra goods. From those I’ve spoken to, it seems it’s more about selection than about pricing, but whatever your motivation it’s good to know that bigger shopping is nearby.

The best things in life are free…

Whoever said the best things in life are free probably lived near the beach.

Many of the best things to do in Pedasi are pure earthly pleasures, whether you’re walking along the beach, surfing, reading by the pool, or heading out for a nature hike. 

Pedasi fosters a healthy, back-to-basics lifestyle. Living in Pedasi, you’re not likely to spend a lot of money on entertainment, because your entertainment is the land and the community within it.

When you are looking to kick the excitement up a notch, you’ll find plenty of adventure tourism in Pedasi.

Places like Pedasi Tours offer attractions like sport fishing, whale watching, horseback riding, Isla Iguana tours, and more.

Tourism in Pedasi is rapidly developing, so we expect to see even more entertainment options in time. For now, it’s nice to know that you can have a life of exploration and adventure and a low cost of living in Pedasi. 

So what’s the cost of living in Pedasi?

We all know that the cost of living anywhere is what you make it. Still, some places make it easier to “live for less” than others…. and some actually foster a low-cost, high-value lifestyle. Pedasi, with it’s affordable real estate, shopping, dining, and recreation, is one of those places.

Eventually, the cost of living in Pedasi isn’t something you even think about. You don’t think about your budget, wonder if you’re eating out too much, or if that massage is really worth it. You simply live, and enjoy, your life in Pedasi.

Source: https://discoverpedasi.com/cost-of-living-in-pedasi/

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